Mission & Vision

With over 20 years of dealing with the public, it all boils down to a few very basic principles: Relationship, Exceptional Customer Service, Accessibility, Integrity, Trust, and Commitment – to yourself, your product, your peers, your industry standards, and most of all, your clients.

My personal passion for exceptional customer service informs my approach to business but it’s my understanding of how relational this process needs to be before, during, and AFTER the sale that drives my business and subsequently, my success as I carefully manage and oversee every nuance of your Listing or Purchase from first meeting to closing, and beyond.

As a Top Producing Real Estate Professional who works primarily through Referral, my goal is for my clients to become lifelong friends and advocates for my business – more like family and never just another “customer”. I welcome your business and the opportunity to come along side and assist your family & friends with all their Real Estate needs.

Why choose Regan Forrest Homes?

Regan Forrest - OKC Edmond RealtorI believe in maximizing the potential of everything I touch. Where many perceive, evaluate and approach a given situation for what it appears to be, I choose see what it CAN be. Whether it’s an unattractive or neglected home, a poorly designed space, a seemingly impossible negotiation point, or some other unforeseen hurdle! – Regan Forrest
Proficient and experienced at every price point of Real Estate Sales and a broad demographic, I have a heart and deep compassion for the Senior Market and also welcome qualified first time homebuyers who are unfamiliar with the process and unsure of what they want and the dangers to avoid. It’s my job to empower and educate these clients who can often be “passed by” due to the extra investment of resources and time involved in helping them find the home of their dreams. 

I pride myself on knowing just the right house to pair with each potential homebuyer. Our years of experience and knowledge in the real estate business allows us to find the house you want.


When deciding on how much home you can afford, the first thing you have to determine is what your gross (before taxes) income is, and then take into account what monthly expenses you have. All loan officers will look at your income and monthly expenses (car, credit cards, other loans) and will want to keep your new mortgage payment and all expenses to be less than 40% of your gross income. See calculator.
On average, the closing process will take 30 days. Of course there are many variables that will make the closing process shorter or longer, but most escrows are established at a minimum of 30 days. A good real estate can help you along the process to make sure there are no surprises.
We specialize in selling homes for top-dollar. As a professional real estate agent, we know how to price your home so that it can sell quickly and without all the normal headaches.